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Roy Bond

“At 6 years old my life changed when my mother had a stroke which left her with epilepsy, memory loss and paralysis of her left side. Eventually my family unit broke down and my mother and I returned to Nottingham. After support from family members we moved into supervised accommodation where I learned how to care for mum and she learned how to live independently.

I was 12 years old. I wish I had the support as a child that is available now. It wasn’t a good time for me. I hope by undertaking this challenge it will help raise awareness for carers and maybe help someone cope with the aftermath of such a life changing medical condition.”

And I said at the end of the walk “never again!”

But, I forgot what I said and my inner voice talked me into it AGAIN! . . . I must be crazy!

Steve Reeves

Having recently suffered the loss of my father from Alzheimer’s and Multiple Myeloma and having had such wonderful support with all of his care both medically and his welfare I wanted to pay something forward. I served in Her Majesty’s Armed forces for 25 years and have always stayed physically fit and active. Always looking for new challenges, what better way than to support my lifelong friend, Roy Bond, and resident magician (regularly seen disappearing when it’s his round) on this magnificent cause walking from Nottingham to Mablethorpe in aid of the Stroke association! New feet and cold beers on completion please.

Scott Adams

I’ve been Manager and now Director of the Top Spot club for over 26 years. In that time we’ve done a lot of fundraising for many different charities. I’ve also seen a lot of members taken too soon or affected from the terrible affliction that is a stroke.

About 5 years ago Roy Bond walks into the club (of all the gin joints in all the world) and I instantly knew I liked the guy. After Roy had completed his first walk to Mablethorpe in 2019 I was very impressed and thought to myself that if the opportunity ever arose again I would definitely put my name down.

As if my ‘magic’ it did, and I had no hesitation in telling Roy I would be willing to walk 30 miles a day for 3 days to have an ice cold at The Dunes. It’s for a great cause and I won’t let the team down.

Debbie Prince

I wanted to be involved in this walk with Roy as I walked the first one in 2019 . . . I just knew I had to do this one too!

I’m known as Mablethorpe’s Mrs Motivator and I know I can motivate walkers along the way! I have done lots of different challenges over the years and am really looking forward to being involved in Roy’s Crazy 88 and this 88 mile walk for The Stroke Association.

Deborah Labbate

Two years I supported Roy Bond when he decided to walk 88 miles from Nottingham to Mablethorpe to raise awareness of the devastating impact of stoke and raise much needed funds for the Stroke Association. My role at that time was to keep the team organised and look after logistics and all things fundraising.

Little did I know what was coming up for me until I found myself on the stroke ward of the City Hospital with my mum and with Stroke Association reading material in hand!

My mum had several subsequent strokes and with my support my dad become her main carer. Sadly mum passed away on New Year’s Eve 2020. Roy’s been a great support to me, my dad and boys and my mum loved him to bits!

I couldn’t be prouder of Roy for deciding to put his feet and knees through the mill once again. Crazy for sure! I’ll be supporting once again, but this time we’re going to be bolder and raise a serious amount of money for the Stroke Association to continue their great work.

We have two great events planned, one in November 2021 and another in February 2022 followed by the 88 mile walk in April 2022 and a fundraising target of £8,888.88. We have put an amazing team together. Please read their bios, get behind us and please dig deep . . . Thank you x

Stuart Parris

Having worked with 3 charities during the last five years (two of them walking) I thought what else could I offer to support them with so I became a Support & Safety Officer utilising my skills as I work in the security industry. So, how did I get involved with Roy? Well, one Saturday on the way home from work in Horncastle I came across a few walkers on their way to Mablethorpe. As I knew a couple of them I stopped to say hello. Next thing I knew I was the support car for the rest of the way! This time I have the honour of doing the whole walk as Support & Safety Officer. Funny how you meet real, good, honest people like Roy and the team. Delighted to be able to support Roy’s Crazy 88.

Sharon MacInnes

I’m Sharon MacInnes and my day job is Head of Faculty for Creative and Performing Arts at Bilborough Sixth Form College.

I’m looking forward to supporting this event in memory of my father, Keith, who suffered a stroke at 42. He had to retire from work and his subsequent battle with physical and mental health led to his early death at 52. He never met his grandchildren. A stroke was fatal for my grandmother at 70 and my Aunt Mary had a stroke a couple of years ago which has left her unable to care for herself and she is now in a nursing home.

I am absolutely delighted and excited to be taking part in this rewarding event again, led by the magnificent Roy Bond. I will be part of the support team throughout the journey and will walk at least part of the last leg, because scoliosis and asthma prevent me from doing the whole 88 mile.

Ian Stoddart

I have been friends with Roy for many years and started the 2019 walk with him and the rest of the gang. It was a shame that I couldn’t make the finish line back then. I turned my ankle at the start of day 2 and pulled up lame at mile 44. Fortunately they left me at a local hostelry to be picked up by one of the support crew.

2 years on and although the mind is willing my body cannot contemplate walking that far and even if it could I will be out of the country at a family wedding, thanks for the invite Holly.

So why am I writing this I hear you ask?

Roy asked if I could help with the graphics again and being as that is my day job I couldn’t really refuse. You never know I might even join him on a training walk…a very short one mind you!

Cathy Stoddart

And… here we go again!

The energy and enthusiasm that Roy and his Crazy 88 teammates bring to this fabulous cause is quite frankly amazing and, having joined in with the previous walk in 2019, who am I to say no when it comes down to helping out! (Besides have you ever tried to say no to Roy?)

Unfortunately, I will be out of the country when the actual walk takes place so I won’t be able to take part in the walk itself, but I will be very happily lending a hand with anything and everything both before and after the big event.

I’m very sure that both Roy and Deborah will be roping me into something to help them on their way! In the meantime I very much hope to see everyone at the planned social events so please pop by to say hello!