“Well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said?
Months and months in the planning frustration, elation, confusion, trepidation, realisation, and now relaxation.
The last three days have been everything I expected, but there were new experiences I hadn’t planned for.

I started the walk for Stroke Association with an injury expecting to fail within a day . . . then getting to the end of day two realising that I had walked it off, but picked up a knee injury on the right leg and then started the last day but stopping within half an hour to apply ointment to reduce pain and swelling thinking I would finish the day in the back of the safety car.

THEN I remembered Deborah’s Nordic Walking Poles had been put in the car as a ‘just in case’. . . and they turned my fortunes around totally!
I finished all three days!!

Every walker’s feet escaped virtually unscathed apart from a few niggly blisters much to the surprise of our chiropodist, Julia, who visited us at the end of every day’s walk.
The team was truly a team in the true sense of the word . . . supporting, helping, caring, laughing, sympathising, AND winding each other up to good effect!
The banter was legendary!

We left Nottingham as a team and we arrived at The Dunes Complex in Mablethorpe as a team, to the greeting of town crier David Summers whose lyrical tribute to Roy’s Crazy 88 touched everyone present.

Debs Barker’s amazing cake greeted us as we entered The Dunes to warm down and prepare to go our separate ways with lots of hugs and kisses and ‘thank you’s freely handed out.

Stuart Parris was a complete diamond showing off his ‘slowest driver in the world’ skills and yet still managed to talk to himself without having too many arguments following us in isolation in the support car.

Scott Adams, Steve Reeves, and Debbie Prince were everything a man could as for as companions on such an arduous journey, and I do believe I shall love them forevermore.

However, through it all has been a constant . . . a driver, pilot, captain, gaffer . . . And that is Deborah.
She has, and continues to work tirelessly to ensure our efforts don’t go to waste, and what a wonderful job she has done!

Late nights, early mornings, and tireless enthusiasm have all been added to her CV in the last year but she has shrugged it off like a trooper (secretly I think she loves me a bit and that’s her motivation – she’s only human after all! ). So, from all of us . . . THANK YOU !!!! xxxx

Thanks also to all our sponsors and helpers who have given up their time, skills, and money to help us get to this point and I hope you found your efforts worthwhile.
You are invaluable to us and we loves ya!

Ian Stoddart, Cathy Stoddart, Sharon Moir, Tim White, Will Bottomley, Graham Fowell, Phil Simpson, Paddy Prince, Richard Bethell, Adam Maltby, Steve Edwards

Take a bow!

and the picture?? . . . still at it in The Dunes over a hearty breakfast . . . secretly just killing time till the bar opens . . . obvs . . .”

Can’t beat a breakfast at the Dunes!

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