A hearty dinner at The Bull the night before, a good night’s sleep and an excellent ‘set us up for the day’ breakfast saw the team on their way to Mablethorpe from Horncastle.

Having already walked around two thirds of the way the team were rested, but weary as they started on this last part of their 88 mile Trek To The Coast.

They were in good spirits and hugely supportive of each other throughout sharing lots of chat and a fair amount of banter!

A few sore, bruised feet and blisters between them, but on the whole “amazing feet” said the lovely Julia, the team’s chiropodist who had attended the their foot needs at the end of both day one and two and would be waiting for them with ice cold buckets of water and her skilled hands at The Dunes Complex, the team’s final destination.

Roy himself was feeling determined although somewhat apprehensive this morning.

The shin split he had been suffering from in the run up to the walk (he was having physio just the week before which he had been keeping quiet about) had, quite remarkably, improved no end.

However, now it was the turn of his knee’s to be a problem.

Just a couple of miles in and Roy stopped for pain relief and decided to try a Nordic walking pole for some support.

Just the one to begin with, but soon opting for a second. 

On arriving at the end of those 88 miles he said “these poles got me through today”.   

Here’s a few pics from day 3 as the team made their way from Horncastle to High Toynton then on to Hagworthingham, Harrington, Ulceby Cross, Alford, Bilsby, Thurlby, Anderby, Anderby Creek, Sandilands, Sutton on Sea and finally Mablethorpe.

Click here to read the next team blog and see their arrival at that final destination!

Ready to set off from The Bull at Horncastle
Some roads seemed to go on forever!
Did someone say there was a pit stop ahead?
Ulceby Cross – it was so warm the ice creams were welcomed and the reapplying sunscreen essential!
Some very kind motorists made donations too – bonus!
It’s a sign!
The way to Mablethorpe, and a surprise waiting in Bilsby . . .
Sponsor, Will Bottomley from Metal Garden Screen, mum lives in Bilbsy and he was waiting with a smile and water for the team!
(They were secretly hoping for beer!)
Not far now as the team reach the coast road and those last few miles.

Next up The Dunes Complex, Mablethorpe and the FINAL DESTINATION


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