The team got together for a meal the night before the walk.

This was actually the first time some had met and provided a perfect opportunity for some team bonding, much discussion and some fine-tuning of the plan!

An excellent meal at Portobello (where we even picked up more donations – must have been those tee shirts making us stand out!) was followed by an early night ready for those 5am alarm calls!

Day 1 started with breakfast kindly hosted by Bar Iberico in Hockley with Notts TV interviewing some of the team and filming the start of the walk ( then at 07:15 the team set off in the direction of Lincoln.

9 miles into the walk we had a brief pit stop in Bulcote where Little Jon’s Wood Fired Pizza provided early elevenses, and the team had an opportunity to make any adjustments to their kit and also pick up lunch – got to keep those energy levels up for this, the longest of the 3 days walking!

276,100 steps later the team arrive at Thorpe on the Hill.

Weary, and not without some aches and pains, it was time for a celebratory group hug!

Photo credit: Steve Edwards Brand Photography Best wishes


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